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Mecca of Banter

Ryan Butchart, Nick Hoeflinger, Andy Hoover, Conner Sendobry, Lucas Winkelmann and Henry Wynd

Talking soccer with a bit of Banter! Join the conversation with the lads as we break down the latest happenings in the top leagues/tournaments around the world, with a focus on the English Premier League. From transfer rumors to match predictions, player analysis to tactical breakdowns, the banter is flying while we provide in-depth analysis and expert commentary on all the major leagues and tournaments. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just a casual spectator, you won't want to miss the lively debates and expert insights on this must-listen soccer podcast! Ryan Butchart: Liverpool; Nick Hoeflinger: Chelsea; Andy Hoover: Tottenham; Conner Sendobry: Manchester United; Lucas Winkelmann: Arsenal; Henry Wynd: Manchester United;